your Wedding Co-Ordinator 

I apologise in advance for this service package having a very mis-leading name!

With my Wedding Co-ordinator service I will not just be there on the day but I'll be there to offer support and advice  throughout all the last minute preparations. I will jump on board your wedding day plans around 6 weeks before your big day, giving me time to truly understand your wedding day visions. I can then liaise with all the chosen suppliers for final details to ensure everything is in perfect order, allowing a few weeks to rectify anything that hasn't gone exactly to plan or dealing with those last minute changes! 

When your wedding day arrives I will be there, behind the scenes being the first port of call for all your suppliers from dawn to dusk, which allows you to relax with your friends and family and really enjoy the most magical time of your life. 

What is included?

-Make contact 6 in advance of your wedding date

-Visit to both ceremony and reception sites prior to wedding

- Help you complete all your finishing touches and rectifying anything missed

-Development of a detailed wedding timeline for suppliers and bridal party

-Create a floor plan for contracted suppliers 

-Confirmation calls to all suppliers 1-2 weeks before your wedding day

-Wedding rehearsal attendance

-On-Site Co-Ordinator at the ceremony site and during the reception

- A point of contact for any issues that my arise on the day

- If necessary, attendance at the reception venue the day after the wedding to       sign of any contracted suppliers for up to 2 hours from 8am

This service starts from £499